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12:55pm 04-22-2017
hello there fellas , you know me as SkullReloaded in McGamerZone , i m 16 and not soon will be 17 , most of you are my friends and that might be because i am a very friendly person by my nature & i like to make more and more friendships , i added the thug team logo on the back of my skin(The second layer) and i would like to join the thug team( although i am not a thug either , i am a kind forgiving person but annoyed easily) and another short note about me , i like joking and kidding alot , i might not be valid for some of the time because i am in a stage of my life where i need to have fun and to take responsibilities for many stuff.... so yeah , i told everything i had in mind

C ya l8er m8es!

Accepted, you've been added to my website/discord server thuglist. welcome to the team ;p
10:35pm 04-13-2017
Yo what's a poppin'...um its me Narain I'm 16...well you know me in game..I would like to join ya thug team although I'm not really a thug...but a good person
lol, you're in homie. Welcome to the hood
6:33pm 04-08-2017
Hey, G0dPvP I am 13 years old and not quite 14 yet but I will be 14 in January of 2018. I am willing to put the Thug Logo on my back on MC all you have to do is tell me how because I am premium. I consider myself kind (with a biased opinion xd) but like Henry, I can be VERY obnoxious and hated a lot haha. I would like to join the Thug Team and consider myself one of your friends. Please consider accepting. Thanks, friend! -copycatXL
Since you're hanging out with us from long time, you've been accepted, welcome to the united team
7:23am 02-13-2017
Well, Hello there G0dPvP, I would like to be part of the thug team. I am 15 years old and I am intrested in joining the team and most of you already know me. Well, I am kind but a little bit annoying sometimes and I might not have prem account but soon I'll have prem account. So hopefully i get accepted. Thank you, <3


Well guess what, you're accepted xd welcome to the team
9:37pm 02-02-2017
I would like to become apart of the THUG
You don't seem to show any interest to join our team, neither your format of apply is valid
3:00pm 01-17-2017
Unknown ghost

Keep up the fantastic work mah niggah
I appreciated your kind comment, I sure will
12:47am 01-16-2017
I SUCK, i Maybe Not 14 years old like Pillow But I Have A Good Mind To Understand People I Wont Be Greedy And Stupid If I Would Have A Chance To Join , I Would Join But I Dont Have A Chance So Yeh -iSkyHD
I'm sorry but you're too young to join our team
6:27am 12-30-2016
Pillow your boi
So i maybe not 14 years old, but i have a unique mind and understand when is the time to get serious or not. I am friendly . How ever, if their not I'm not too. I mean i treat them like how they treat meh. Hehe and yeah i'll support this team just like supporting my family, I am always online + I have premium account and i will make the thug logo on my skin. or the G0d's face logo. Can i join the thug team? :3
6:50pm 12-30-2016
Thank you so much bro I appreciate that, i've done the thug logo on my back of my skin
If you wanna see it, here ya go

GG homie, you're in. Im glad to see you in our united team
10:08pm 12-27-2016
pewdipie07 / Faris
So I'm interested in this thug team / the hood.Whatever you wanna call it.I'm so into it.1 question Habibi, can I be accepted/join? thug is my lifestyle.

Peace <3

Since you meet the requirements, you have been accepted to join our team
8:50am 12-26-2016
Hey <G0DPvP> Its Meh Your Nigs(Nigga) I Wanna Say: Choose The Responsible And Honorable Guy To Give Gamer Rank... Man Its Like Your Giving Money To Us XD. IDC(I Don't Care) if your choosing niggs(ME) . IF I Got The Gamer Rank I'll Be Happy thou... If Not GG XD Its fine if you didnt choose me BUT 'CHOOSE ME' XP.
Lol, its all about luck homie
4:03pm 12-05-2016
lel hi g0d
Hey there
4:03pm 12-04-2016
I want to join the hood niggas add me
You don't seem to have any interest in our team, also you don't meet any of the requirements so we can't accept you, sorry
11:45pm 07-28-2016
i wana join the niggas in the hood team
its me josh aka lolgamer
Done ;p
4:39am 06-28-2016
Hello!, I would Like To Request To Add A New Texture Pack Made By FinsGraphics Texture Pack Name: Grapeapplesauce Infinity. Thank You!
Hey there Harry, Thank you for submitting a request, the Texturepack is now been added there. Feel free to submit furthermore requests, they'll be greatly appreciated
5:57am 06-09-2016
Hi G0DPVP Can i Join?
Sorry to say but you are late
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